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The settlement at L'Anse aux Meadows was the only other site where pre-Columbian iron processing has been found in North America.
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Nonetheless, Professor Judith Jesch, director of Nottingham University's Centre for the Study of the Viking Age who was not involved in the discovery, described the find as 'exciting'.Over time the structures have altered the soil and the way it retains moisture, changing the vegetation that grow above, making it possible to see the outline of the structures in satellite images.Scientists claim to have uncovered what they believe to be a Viking settlement on rencontres ligue 1 2013 the Canadian island of Newfoundland that appears to have been built between 800AD and 1300AD.Voyages OF discovery 789AD Vikings begin their attacks on England 840AD Viking settlers found the city of Dublin in Ireland 844AD Vikings raid Seville but are repulsed 860AD Rus Vikings attack Constantinople 866AD York is captured by a Viking army 870AD Vikings colonise Iceland 981AD.Researchers found pieces of slag (pictured) in a hearth that they believe was used to roast iron ore prior to smelting it in a furnace at the site in Newfoundland, which suggests it was inhabited by Vikings.We know of one Viking site on the very northern tip of Newfoundland but was this part of a wider Viking territory?Police, to Chor Main Sipahi Movie Online.Point Rosee is a peninsula on the most south westerly tip of the island of Newfoundland (pictured).They suggest that the Vikings' mastery of the seas allowed them to venture to North America (illustrated on the map).But, the flipside is that we have no idea how reliable they are.' The remains of a Viking ship burial unearthed in Estonia also features in the BBC documentary (Dan Snow with some of the weapons and artefacts found there are pictured) Smashed bones thought.

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Dr Bolender told National Geographic it could mean that the Viking sagas detailing journey's to what has been interpreted as North America are true rather than merely legends.
'Were the Vikings really the first Europeans to settle North America?
Blackened stones, scorched by the extreme heat in this process, were site de rencontre pour phobique sociale also unearthed at the site.
Scroll down for video, new evidence of a Viking settlement in North America has been unearthed in Newfoundland (a hearth where iron ore appears to have been roasted is pictured) which suggests the Scandinavians were the first Europeans to set foot in the New World.They are infamous for terrorising the coastlines of Europe in their distinctive longships, but the Vikings may be able to claim another victory over their medieval neighbours.Skull fragments found at the site thought to have belonged to monks reveal the violence of the attack.If they are right, it means Rosee Point is the most westerly Viking outpost yet discovered.Dr Sarah Parcak, an archaeologist at the University of Alabama, Birmingham, explained: 'This new site could unravel more secrets about the Vikings, whether they were the first Europeans to 'occupy' briefly in North America and reveal that the Vikings dared to explore much further into.Eriksson also named two further 'lands' on the North American coast - one with flat stones, which he called Helluland, and one that was flat and wooded, named Markland.


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